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28 Day Detox

I decided I wanted to do a blog post that goes more into depth about what this detox is, and the results that I've had.

While I haven't talked much in detail about it on social media, so as not to come across as like one more person trying to promote something that seems to good to be true. But after completing this detox twice and loving my results I'm just gonna share it all! Because to me, what matters most is not necessarily what program is better than the next, but what works and that people get results like I have myself.

So here I'm going to be honest and sing it's praises because yes I do absolutely love it and reccomend it as it is what has worked for me!

What is this Detox?

It comes as a 28 day pack with all the supplements that are needed for the detox. Included is a meal guide plan to help you know the best foods to eat, and exactly when and how to take the supplements.

You can also do just a 7 day reset, and then use the leftover product as maintenance for the rest of the month.

It's specifically designed to help regulate and reset your metabolism. It targets the seven channels of elimination in the body: Lungs, Liver, Blood, Colon, Lymphatic System, Kidneys, Skin, and ... Regulates your hormones, and at the same time of helping your body detox, it's also flooding your system with tons of nutrients and antioxidants.

All of the supplements are very high quality and formulated in ways that make it easy for your body to have maximum absorption. Such as the Calcium supplement is formulated with vitamin D, magnesium, and K2. All which support the absorption of calcium. Unlike so many supplements that literally just pass through your gut without being broken down.

The companies philosophy is "Cleanse, Balance, Build" and this detox plan is a prime example of that.

What do you get to eat?

Actually quite a lot!! There are three different days that you will toggle between.

(example of a cleanse day dinner: sautéed veggies in olive oil, bone broth, and greens powder mixed with Mila)

-Cleanse: Anti inflammatory foods, so think lots of non starchy vegetables, greens, broth. This day is designed to flood your body with densely nutritious food that is easy to digest to help get things moving.

(Sadly they no longer make the Matcha vegan shake, its now vanilla)

-Shake: Simple breakfast, lunch is a protein, non starchy vegetable, fat, and carb. For dinner you have a meal shake. This day is adding a little more food to boost your metabolism, but also remain easy on the digestion by having a shake for dinner

(example of a meal day dinner: Steak, sautéed peppers, and quinoa)

-Meal: This day feels like a normal day, for breakfast you can have a carb, protein, and fruit. While lunch and dinner is a protein. fat, vegetable, and carb. This day is designed to help boost your metabolism into high gear with the extra food, and then it's usually followed by a shake day which is designed to be a little lighter on the digestion.

There are snacks everyday, and also you can freely consume broth, herbal tea, and pickles. The pickles help a lot if you're struggling in between meals or are feeling nauseous at all.

As I mentioned before, it comes with a guide so that you know exactly when to take your supplements, and also a list of the best foods to eat so that you maximize your results, and also what foods to avoid.

(example of a cleanse day breakfast: my favorite way to get all the goodness in is to make a smoothie with Greens, Energy, Hydrate, Mila, Goyin, and frozen fruit. All the above comes in the pack, and the guide tells you exactly which supplements to take.)

Why should you do a detox?

That answer will be different for everyone. But in short, in the world we live in today we are exposed to so many different toxins via the air we breath, the products we use, and even the food we eat no matter how clean we try to eat.

So it's a smart idea to cleanse your body and flush those things out.

For me personally some of my reasons were:

Breaking through a plateau and losing that last bit of weight, healing my gut, resetting my metabolism, overall better health, and specifically the first time I did it was to prepare my body for pregnancy.

(example of a meal day breakfast: Oats with blueberries and Mila on top with eggs)

What makes this detox better than others, and will you keep your results?

First off, this is specifically designed to reset your metabolism while giving your body the proper tools to be able to shed the toxins. Unlike so many other detox's that are more of a liquid fast, or a strict elimination diet. You actually get to eat normal food (healthy obviously) and quite a lot at each meal. It suggests avoiding foods that are known to cause inflammation such as dairy, and white starchy foods. But it's still quite easy to get creative with lots of healthy options.

So often I hear of people doing a cleanse, losing weight and feeling great only to be right back where they started not long after it's finished. Why is that?

Anytime you're too drastic in your diet, although you might see fast results it will often end in disappointment. Say you do a juice cleanse, sure it will help remove some stuff but in the long run because it's so low calorie and doesn't give your digestion anything of substance to process it will start to slow down your metabolism.

Also you're more susceptible to cravings if you restrict yourself too strongly. And that's why I love this specific program. 28 days is enough time to help engrain healthier habits into your life, and because it toggles back and forth between the different meal days it keeps your metabolism guessing which is essential for a fast working gut and metabolism.

A lot of people ask me if they can just follow the food and meal guides for this and detox that way. And to be honest the answer is no. While it does matter what you eat, it's less about the food and more about the specific supplements that are in the pack and how they are designed to work in your body.

(Example of a cleanse day dinner: sautéed eggplant with olive oil, bone broth, and greens powder with Mila)

Who can do it?

Anybody can!!! As long as you can follow a plan, and are able to think ahead and prep a little to help yourself stay on track, you'll have amazing results.

It's not reccomended for pregnant or nursing mothers. Anytime you're in a building phase of life such as pregnancy you should never do any type of cleanse.

As for nursing, I would say to each their own. A few things to consider would be how much solid food your baby is actually eating, how is your milk supply averaging, etc.

For me personally I wouldn't do a cleanse until at least 9-12 months after birth. William was 13 months old when I did it this time and I noticed zero dip in milk supply, and also never noticed anything different or off with him.

I did modify it a little, and there were a couple products I didn't use because I was still nursing. But I would say if you know your body and are in tune with it, you should be totally fine!

(example of shake and meal day lunches: L-R Sweet potatoes, asparagus, chicken. Fajita chicken on top of lettuce and rice. Salad with Chicken, quinoa, and fruit.)

Do you have to follow it exactly to get results?

I did follow it pretty much exactly with a few modifications.

It suggests avoiding dairy, which I did but we get raw milk so I continued to drink that because I know that it doesn't bother me.

The beautiful thing about this is that it is possible to be relatively flexible. While you would want to stick to the plan as much as possible just to get the most bang for your buck, it's not like if you mess up one day that you've ruined all your progress.

In fact on day 17 you actually get a cheat meal! And to be honest both times I didn't hardly "cheat". My body had already started to recognize just how amazing feeling healthy actually was and so I simply didn't desire to have a big cheat meal.

On certain days you have the option to add an extra serving of healthy fat, I always did that. In fact I often didn't even measure when I drizzled olive oil on my salads. I know my body loves healthy fats, to I tended to add an extra splash quite a lot.

Also if you feel so hungry or like you just can't make it, listen to your body!! Look at whatever day you're on and have more of the suggested food for that day or have a meal shake. There were a couple times that I just simply had to eat more food or had to have an extra shake.

(example of a meal day breakfast: small Kodiak cake with berry sauce thickened with Mila & sweetened with stevia, and eggs.)

Can you workout while on the detox?

Yes! Obviously moving your body and getting exercise is always a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, so continuing to do that while you cleanse would be great.

I do body building, and while I still went to the gym quite often during the cleanse I did plan my harder workout days on either a shake or meal day. Simply because it would be easier for me to refuel after a workout, and on those days you are eating a lot more protein compared to a cleanse day.

My advice would be to listen to your body! Some days I felt way stronger than I did while not cleansing and other days I could tell I just didn't quite have the get up and go. So I would just choose which workouts I did that day accordingly.

But it's amazing how much stamina and brain power you actually have and are capable of when your body is in a surplus of nutrients!! That will give you way more energy and endurance than just calories ever will.

(example of cleanse day lunches: Salads with different veggies, nuts, and olive oil)

What does maintenance look like?

Ideally you would want to take the healthy habits you've learned in the 28 days and just keep applying them to every day life.

Also if you've put the effort, time, and investment into your health then continuing to give your body the supplements and minerals will not only help you keep your results but also just continue to nourish and heal your body.

For me, I use quite a lot of the same products in the pack on a daily basis. I love how they made me feel and continue to do so!! David has never done the detox, but he takes quite a lot of the products and absolutely loves them and feels amazing now. He used to suffer from adrenal fatigue, but that's not really a problem for him anymore.

Obviously it will look different for everyone depending on what your specific goals are as far as what products you choose to use as maintenance. Or maybe you simply want to do just the detox pack because you feel the need for a cleanse, but you already have a maintenance routine that works for you.

(Before, 128 lbs)

Results and Thoughts

The first time I did this detox a few years ago I thought I was relatively healthy. I always tried to make the healthier choice and limited processed foods and sugars, and yet I was bloated all the time!! Just putting cream in my coffee would cause me to bloat and cramp. I had brain fog and was crashing every afternoon, and coffee was just never cutting it for me. Also I was hormonally imbalanced and emotional which I learned later is often times directly related to our gut health and the foods we eat. I wasn't taking any vitamins or supplements, which as we know is very much needed because we don't get enough nutrients from our food sources anymore.

Within 7-10 days my bloat had disappeared, I had more energy and zero brain fog!! Probably the most noticeable thing for me was how clear my mind was. I also had sustained energy, wasn't crashing in between meals and wasn't feeling moody or emotional.

(After, 117 lbs)

This was what truly kickstarted my health journey, especially the start of healing my gut!! I finally understood what being healthy actually meant, and this set me up with good habits and the proper tools to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as my results.

I became pregnant just three months after the first detox, and because of the healthy habits I learned and continuing to use the supplements I was able to continue healing my gut and getting healthier while pregnant.

My results this time were much the same, but not quite as dramatic because I had way less toxins to get out of my body (thank's to maintenance) and so this go around it was actually easier!

Recently I experienced: metabolism reset, more sustained energy, lean muscle, and I lost 10-12 pounds. It always amazes me how much energy I have while doing it because of how low calorie some of the days are. But I've learned it's more about what you put in your body instead of how much when it comes to fueling your body.

(example of a shake day breakfast: Sautéed greens, apple, nut butter, and greens with Mila)

Health and nutrition is one of my passions, and so I would love to answer any questions you may have, or help you decide what would be best for you to kickstart your health journey. So feel free to reach out if that's you!

So if you're on the fence about doing it, I would say just jump on in and do it! You'll never regret investing in your health. And I would love to be your personal cheer leader along the way if you do decide to do a cleanse!


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