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Welcome back Autumn

It's the first day of Fall.

September, October, November; ah my favorite trio of months. They feel like old familiar friends. You know the type of friend you could spend all day long with and never tire of their presence. Old souls. Inspiring. Who always come around just when you need them to.

That's Autumn for me.

It starts a few weeks before the "official first day" when you wake up one day and the sun looks a little more golden, suddenly there's a shift in the air and the hot summer wind seems to have a new breeze to it.

You can see it in the color of the blue sky, and then the trees start to catch the memo that fall is just around the corner. And before you know it, you're surrounded in all the beauty and splendor that this glorious time of year has to offer.

It's a season that beckons us to slow down, take a step back and take a look around. To let go of the things that have burdened us down over the busy summer and trust that the process will indeed be beautiful so that in time life can turn around and bloom again.

It's also a very sentimental time of year for me, as Autumn seems to hold some of life's most precious and cherished moments.

I remember being a child and feeling a new hope and love for life well up inside me; I still feel that in my soul to this day each year.

Some of my favorite childhood memories such as our family vacation to the beach were in the Fall. It was glorious- everyone was happy and playing in the waves under a warm autumn sun was so memorable.

I moved to Kansas City with my sister, in the Fall. One of the best seasons of my life.

I met David and fell in love, in the Fall. The most romantic time of year, just ask any girl!

I moved out to Montana, in the Fall.

I had the southern wedding of my dreams, in the Fall.

Our honeymoon to Maine, in the Fall. I'd always dreamed of seeing a New England autumn.

After three long years of living as truckers over the road we finally moved back home, in the Fall.

We built our first home- the tiny house of dreams, in the Fall.

I told David I was pregnant and my first trimester was in the Fall.

My favorite holiday Thanksgiving, is in Fall.

So here I am reminiscing through the years of this beautiful season, but this year might be the best of them all because my little William is now here to add to the memories and the magic of Fall.

And I can't wait to dress him up in little jeans, a flannel, and take him to all the fun fall festivities!!

*All photos are random favorites picked from previous seasons.

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