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Summertime in a Nutshell

Once again it's been months since I made a post... If you've ever struggled a little with social anxiety then I'm sure you can relate to the fact that social media anxiety is no different. It feels easier to let the months slip by and hope no one is counting how long it's been since your last posts, than to just keep it up and stay on schedule sometimes. But I'm working on that! We're all some sorta work in progress, right?

Summertime has been real good this year and I can't believe that it's already almost over.

It was a lot cooler up in Montana than usual which meant it took forever for the lakes to warm up enough to go swimming, which is my favorite summertime thing to do.

I pretty much live to be surrounded by mountains and glacier lakes as much as possible.

If you live in Libby it's pretty much an annual tradition to hike up to Leigh Lake several times. It's only about a mile and a half hike up, but it starts out quite steep and doesn't really level out too much. Each year the trail shifts a little due to avalanches in the winter, and even in June there are still some little icebergs floating around in the lake. So needless to say this lake doesn't really warm up enough for good swimming haha.

After years of hiking up here I finally got to see some mountain goats!! We saw over a dozen of them and even a few babies with their mother.

Turns out mountain goats are actually quite docile. Since we didn't have a telephoto lens with us, David hiked up the hillside to get pictures of them. I even had one come within 20 feet away from me while I was sitting on a rock. It was the neatest thing!!

What else was new this summer... We moved our tiny house to the other side of town, so that turned into a several week project getting everything settled and getting our lawn seeded and some trees and flowers planted. It's looking really pretty! One of these days I'll share more photos of our house and the inside as well.

David was kept busy with work in town which was a blessing, and I stayed busy working at the coffee shop.

A couple of companies reached out to us for reviews and product photos.

This is a snazzy little setup, it's basically like a single serve Keurig coffee maker on the go. You pour hot water into the reservoir and place over a coffee mug as you press the water down through the k-cup to brew the coffee.

David was contacted by Ubox, which is one of those monthly gift subscription boxes. So they sent him their summer box to review, as you can see it was quite the gentleman's setup.

We really enjoy doing company reviews and product photos, so we hope to do more in the future.

David's best friend Josh and his family were up in Montana this summer for vacation.

It was really wonderful getting to spend time with them as we don't get too many chances. Of course Josh and David were riding the motorcycles basically everywhere they went!

It's been a long time dream of David's to ride Historic Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica California, so he and Josh will be setting off together at the end of this month to do that ride.

We packed a lunch and went to a lake and spent the afternoon.

They seriously have the cutest little baby!! His name is Paxton, and he's the sweetest little thing.

The evening sun was so pretty so we had to take advantage and snap a few golden hour photos.

One of our favorite things to do is go for a motorcycle ride in the mountains. So almost every weekend that we weren't working you could find us ripping around on our bikes! I've mentioned before that Montana seriously has the best roads in the country for riding. The scenery is beautiful and on most roads you hardly ever see other vehicles.

David went on an overnight trip with his motorcycle, I opted to stay home because rain was in the forecast and I'm a fair weather friend when it comes to riding haha. But I did regret it when no rain came. Oh well I guess that's what I get for not wanting to brave the weather ;)

I now have my own personal motorcycle!! David bought me one and taught me how to ride it this spring. It was so scary at first, but I caught on pretty fast, thanks to my awesome teacher.

I can honestly say I love riding now! There's nothing like riding on a curvy road in the mountains, smelling the breeze, and feeling the cool pockets of fresh air.

However it was a huge learning curve for me, and I had to step out of my comfort zone and overcome my fears. It might sounds strange, but I feel like I grew so much even in other areas of my life just by facing my fears and learning to ride.

David and another of his good childhood friends were both groomsmen in a wedding earlier this Spring.

The venue was absolutely beautiful and the photographer in me couldn't help but snap a few photos!

It was quite nice though being on the guest side of the wedding and able to relax and enjoy it instead of the busy job of the photographer.

Click through the slideshow to see more photos.

I absolutely love all the details at a wedding, it's one of my favorite things about it. And the flowers at this wedding were simply beautiful.

This year was actually our first summer in Montana since moving back home, and we made the most of it!!!

I can't express how much of a blessing it is to live in Montana now, and to not be on the road like we were for the past few years trucking.

So there's a small peak into our summer! I've been slacking on creating content for the blog, but I'm feeling the inspiration to make posts more regularly like I used to. I'm already thinking and planning out some content... so stay tuned! ;)

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