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Our Honeymoon in Maine

In honor of this being our anniversary month and to celebrate all things fall I'm going to be sharing with y'all our honeymoon to the New England States.  It was seriously a lifelong dream come true to visit up there and see the autumn colors, and it's true nobody does fall like Maine and Vermont.

But for a honeymoon there has to be a wedding right?  So here's a few pictures from our perfect day :)

 I know I'm partial, but pretty sure we had the best looking bridal party of all time ;)  

This was taken at Berry College in Rome Ga, my hometown.  The architecture is just stunning!

With all the craziness of planning the wedding, we failed to put much thought or effort into our honeymoon.  We had made zero plans, all we knew was that we wanted to go to Maine.  So the next morning we hopped on the interstate and headed north.  We'd been on the road for about 4-5 hours and I ask David where are we going.  So he googles "quaint towns in Maine" he decides on Ogunquit and then googles for a Bed & Breakfast there.  He found one that seemed nice and booked us a room for two nights.  At least now we had a destination, but what would the town be like? Would it be cute or fun? What if we showed up and it's some podunk little place?  

 We drove the 18 hours straight to get there and arrived just as the sun was starting to rise, and this is the view that greeted us.  The lane that our B&B was on was a beautiful winding road canopied by trees at their peak.  I remember as we drove up and topped the small hill you could see the little lighthouse and the rocky coast behind and I just teared up, it was one of the most beautiful sights I'd ever seen!

Needless to say we were quite tired from the long drive and hungry, so we went and got some breakfast at this cute place.

 I've mentioned before that I judge places by their crab cakes, well this place knows exactly how it's done!  They were hands down the best I've ever had, and I'm still dreaming about eating them again ;)

 Here is the B&B we stayed at, The Rockmere Lodge.  It was only a short walk from the ocean and the Marginal Way which is a walking path that hugs the side of the rocky coastline and goes from one side of town to the other.  The people who run this place were so warm and welcoming and we had such a wonderful stay.

 Pictures just simply do not do this place justice at all!  This is just a short walk from where we stayed.

 This was the first time I'd ever seen a rocky coast, the sheer force that the waves have as they crash onto the rocks is phenomenal.

Ugh it's seriously one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! Scroll through to see more pics.

 I loved this coffee shop, it was cute and charming which is always a plus in my book, and they made an amazing maple latte.

Ogunquit was everything and more than what we had hoped for.  Even if we had spent hours researching places we couldn't have handpicked a better place than this.  It's the most picture perfect and charming little town, and still in my top favorite places.  Everywhere you looked were stunning fall colors, and even flowers were still blooming. 

Here's a few snapshots from walking around the town.

 These photos were taken along the Marginal Way (the walking path that runs beside the ocean).

 The only fault we could find with this place is that it's quite expensive, part of that is just the north east and it's also a little touristy.  When we went in mid October it was perfect, it didn't seem to be that crowded or busy at all.

There are some amazing restaurants there, since we were only there for two nights I didn't get to try as many as I wish but the ones we tried were great.  It was some of the best seafood I've ever had, so tasty and so fresh.

Just a short drive away in Cape Neddick is the Nubble Lighthouse, you can't go up to it because it sits on an island of rock.

I was in heaven getting to see all these gorgeous fall colors!

Yes that tree was really that bright, somehow the colors seem that much more vivid up here.

We love to get out and just drive and explore to see what we can find, not sure what this pond used to be used for as it seemed quite overgrown and abandoned, but it had some stunning foliage and made for some lovely photos.

 I don't recall the name of this little stone church, but it was absolutely beautiful. 

The coast was simply majestic when a storm was brewing and coming in.

 We had gone for a walk with our hot tea and books on the Marginal Way in the moody and drizzly weather, and sat here to read and just try to take in the views.  It was just amazing. 

 Our cozy B&B all lit up for the night.

 After we left Maine our goal was to find and see as many covered bridges as we possibly could.  This was the first one we found, I believe it was in New Hampshire.

 Somewhere deeply buried I'm sure I could still find the list we took along with us and wrote down the names of these bridges and the towns they were in.  But for now we'll just look at how pretty they are, without their proper names. haha!  I don't know what it is about covered bridges, but they are the most charming and magical sights to see.

I think my favorite bridge was this one in Woodstock Vermont.  It was the most beautiful little town, with gorgeous colonial style homes, quaint cafes and shops lining the main street.  

 We found a coffee shop and got ourselves some maple lattes and walked down the leafy sidewalks, and across the covered bridge.

View from walking across the bridge. 

 This bridge was also one of the most well maintained.  Each one has their own unique story and bit of history to learn about.

 Later that evening as we drove through Vermont it was rapidly getting close to stopping for the day.  We saw a little sign pointing to a Bed & Breakfast down the next road, so we decided to check it out.  As you can see it's just the most inviting and warm farmhouse.  The lady was very nice and had a room immediately for us, so we decided to stay here for the night.

 This trip was my first time ever staying at a B&B, and I have to say it was such a pleasant experience for us.  This place had a coffee and tea room where you could help yourself at anytime, as well as some delicious homemade cookies.

 The backyard had a big tree swing (I've always loved them so much) so we relaxed back there before heading to dinner at the Longtrail Brewing Company that was just across the street.  It was very good and they had some excellent seasonal beers.

 Here's our lovely room!  This place really felt like you could let your hair down and be at home here which is what you want when you're traveling.  Our breakfast the next morning was an array of pancakes, homemade granola and baked goods, fresh eggs, and locally made yogurt.

 From Vermont we headed to upstate New York.  David has family there so we stopped in to visit them since we were so close.  Of course we took the most scenic routes to get there ;)

The colors had already passed their peak, but of course they were still beautiful.

 New York was by far the most colorful, so I can't even imagine it when it's right in the middle of peaking colors.

 This might be my most favorite blog I've done so far.  Not only are they special memories for me, but it's like I get to live these fall colors all over again and it's making me so happy!  Up here in Montana the main color is a golden yellow, which happens to be my favorite fall color, but I sure do love seeing every color out there, and gosh that painted hillside is just divine.

When we left New York we went out of our way to go to Meisersville PA to locate one last covered bridge, as well as the homeplace of David's great grandfather.

 David's great grandfather lived only a quarter mile from this bridge and would travel across it with his horse and wagon. Also David's grandad played in and under this bridge as a child, as did David's dad a generation later, so it was special to spend a few hours here.  Now it's only for pedestrians, but it's still in very good shape.  It's really a powerful experience to be able to go back and visit family history, it was a real sweet ending to our wonderful trip.

 For our last night we stayed at the Craig Victorian B&B in Chambersburg PA.  It was late at night, we were very tired and as we travelled down the interstate I looked up places to stay in nearby towns and found this place.  They had one room available and it was the cherry on top of our bed & breakfast experiences this trip.

 The house was a beautiful victorian style home.  The furnishings in our bedroom were all antique, it had a private bath with a tub, an extra seating room with an electric fireplace, and it's own private screened porch.  It was just perfect, and our favorite B&B of this trip.  The breakfast was delicious as well, and the service was warm and friendly.  Plus they had a couple cats in the house which made me happy ;)

 That pretty much sums up our trip to Maine and the Northeast.  It was seriously everything and more than what I had hoped for and expected.  The colors, the coast, the charming towns were just magical. From the moment we left we both knew we certainly will be coming back again hopefully many times in the future.  Oh yea that's right we kinda have to go back because we left our wedding cake in the freezer of the B&B in Ogunquit!! (true story) :)

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