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A Perfect August Wedding

One of my main goals with this blog is to showcase some of my photography that otherwise wouldn't get seen. So on that note, and in honor of my friends one year anniversary, I want to share with y'all this beautiful wedding I had the honor of capturing for Rhoda and Chris.

It was a lovely wedding in the heart of Texas. From the venue, to the decorations, and the awesome people, it was easily one of my favorite weddings I've shot.

One of my favorite parts of a wedding is taking the detail shots. I love it because couples are so busy on their wedding day that often times they never get a chance to see everything and so I want to make sure that they can go back and relive it through my pictures. And another reason I love it is because it's about the only slow time of the day! ;)

Getting ready for the big day!!

Her bridesmaids were the sweetest, and most fun group of girls!

The walk from the place all the girls got ready to the place of the ceremony was quite a long walk, so after taking this sweet photo of Rhoda and her Dad I literally had to run to the ceremony to make sure I didn't miss anything!

The ceremony was held beneath these beautiful old oak trees early in the morning. The idea was to beat the Texas heat, but in Texas that's pretty much impossible!!

Have you ever seen a cuter ring bearer and little flower girls?!

Rhoda pulled a prank on Chris and arrived to the ceremony wearing a Darth Vader mask and walked down the aisle to the Starwars theme song. Everyone got such a kick out of that!!

The new Mr. and Mrs!!!

This wedding kept me on my toes with it's jam packed timeline, but I love the thrill and challenge of fast paced. Here's a peak at the formals and portraits we squeezed in before the amazing reception.

Don't they just make such a lovely couple?

The bridal party entrance

The new lovely couple went straight into their first dance at the reception

Father daughter dance. Ugh this moment makes me tear up every single time!!

Now onto the awesome reception of amazing food, fellowship, and fun dancing!

After partying it up and celebrating the new couple, every one gathered to send them off with much love and cheers!!

And they lived happily ever after!! :)

This was an amazing wedding to shoot. Everyone was such a joy to work with and it all turned out so picture perfect, even in the sweltering Texas heat ;)

Rhoda and Chris are such an amazing couple, and it was an honor capturing their big day for them!!

Here's to more weddings in the future!

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